9 Telltale Signs a Deal is Qualified

Read time:   4 minutes The first dynamic we must understand when it comes to effectively qualifying deals is that the act of qualification and maintaining a full pipeline are inseparable entities. They are joined at the hip and both must… Read More →

How to Establish a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Read time: 4 minutes It’s rare today that a company has a sustainable product, price or service advantage. As a result of technology being readily available, and affordable, new competitors enter your market on an annual basis and the quality,… Read More →

How to Coach Salespeople

Read time: 3 minutes Coaching Salespeople up to the next level is more complicated than many Sales Managers realize. The most common approach is to focus exclusively on selling skills such as: Prospecting and securing more appointments Improve qualification through… Read More →

The Difference Between a Friendship & Business Relationship

Read time: 3 Minutes This is an interesting topic because it is often misunderstood. When giving thought to establishing a “relationship” with prospects many Sales Representatives think of the process in terms of establishing a “friendship”. Here is how Wikipedia… Read More →

Qualifying Sales Opportunity – Be Prepared to Say “Next”

Read time: 3.5 minutes Not only does effectively qualifying sales opportunity make sound business sense it also makes you feel terrific! Qualifying deals puts you in control. And when you’re in control you are focused, decisive and you feel strong.… Read More →

Why Getting Top Decision Makers Involved Helps Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Depending on your product or service, decision makers are usually in a leadership capacity and as a result possess an element of influence and authority. As leaders their feet are held to the fire for performance and results. They are… Read More →

How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle – Part 2

In the first blog of this 5 part series, I encouraged you to put focus on what it takes to shorten your sales cycle. I explained that the skills needed to shorten the sales cycle are virtually the same skills… Read More →

5 Steps to Shortening Your Sales Cycle

There are some important topics in life and business that are brought up so frequently that over time our motivation to continue the conversation and take action fades and often disappears. I think this is true with the discussion around… Read More →

Do Your Reps Have Strong Desire and Strong Commitment?

The intensity of a Salesperson’s desire is based on how badly they want to succeed. A Salesperson’s commitment is based on their willingness to do whatever it takes, ethically and professionally, to achieve their goals. In your quest to elevate… Read More →

Develop Your Value Proposition “On The Fly”

Years ago when I was a Regional Sales Manager with Sprint, I remember a particular annual sales kick off meeting at which Bill Esrey spoke. At that time Bill was Sprint’s CEO and he said that in order to close… Read More →