A Simple Prospecting Formula

We are told a great deal has changed in selling.

To be real about the situation, a great deal has changed in how people buy but not much has changed in how people sell.

The vast majority of sales people still lead with how exciting they think their product is and how proud they are of the great service their company provides. Before information “escaped” on the internet this approach worked very well. Buyers needed us to bring them new ideas and new technology.

Even though most Sales Representative’s realize that in any given price category there is little difference between the quality and functionality of products, they continue to try and differentiate themselves with a feature and function approach because it’s “familiar” to them and therefore “easy”. It’s easy and they are comfortable with it even in the face of falling short of appointment and sales expectations. It’s proof that we resist change.

Leading with your product’s features and functions lacks the value your prospects are looking for and is the primary reason you get beat up on price. It’s the primary reason you feel you are being “commoditized” and not given the respect you deserve.

There is a great deal of psychology and emotion in selling and being told repeatedly that your price is too high and that there is little difference between you and your competition creates uncertainty, doubt and ultimately fear. When you are feeling these emotions the last thing you are going to do is pick up the phone to prospect and subject yourself to more rejection and as a result your prospecting suffers.

The good news is if you will invest one hour per week, every week, in reading specific business information and learning more about the key business drivers that motivate your buyers you will be able to articulate the value that your prospect’s are looking for and, if you continue to study and learn, will become extremely confident and unstoppable.

When it comes to getting a business person’s attention you know how to do it! You talk about something that interests them. And, if you want to extend the conversation, you talk about something that is “important” to them.

That’s it! That’s the formula that works when making initial contact with a person that you have never met or spoken with. It’s that simple. However, and this is where the wheels come off, it does require learning and preparation on your part. Jim Rohn said: “If you work hard on your job you will make a living. If you work hard on yourself you can make a fortune.”

It’s this effort that will result in you creating a competitive edge. Guaranteed.

You can get a person you’ve never talked with before to talk about themselves for 30 minutes straight without interruption if you ask them the right questions. If you push the right buttons.

In my next blog, I will give you some examples of what those questions and buttons are.

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