3 Quick Tips About The Importance Of Having The Right Salespeople In The Right Role

You’re frustrated. You know your sales team is capable of so much more, but your struggling to figure out just how much more and what actions to take to get them up to the next level. Giving thought to and… Read More →

My Single Most Important Piece of Advice

Read time: 4 minutes I live in North Carolina and I heard last Sunday’s game between the Carolina Panthers and the Buffalo Bills was a bit sloppy. At least from the perspective of some of the Panther’s fans. It caused… Read More →

How not to be fooled during an interview

We are all familiar with the traditional interview process. An ad is put online and the manager receives a bunch of resumes. Some people look good on paper. The manager gets them in for an interview. The applicant does well.… Read More →

Master Your Inner Game

Read time: 3 minutes In this tip, I’d like to share with you some ideas on how to achieve your personal best performance through mastering your “inner game”. I’m referring specifically to your mindset and your beliefs when it comes… Read More →

How to Coach Salespeople

Read time: 3 minutes Coaching Salespeople up to the next level is more complicated than many Sales Managers realize. The most common approach is to focus exclusively on selling skills such as: Prospecting and securing more appointments Improve qualification through… Read More →

Selling – Giving it your all and feeling good about your efforts

One Saturday morning, when I was 10 years old, I was playing with my dog in the backyard. My Father came out, handed me a rake and asked me to rake-up and bag a pile of leaves that had accumulated… Read More →

Short Video Tip on Leveraging the Law of 3’s to Capture Attention

There’s a lot of psychology that goes into successful selling today. And in an effort to differentiate yourself and establish a solid rapport with prospects and customers, I suggest you take a look at the Law of 3’s. Ever since… Read More →

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“Your ability to apply real world selling applications to the insurance marketplace was masterful.” Greg Lauria, Regional Manager, AAA Insurance

I would recommend Duane Cashin

“Duane helped us restructure our sales organization and put sales activity process in place. As a result we significantly increased our sales. I would recommend Duane Cashin as a sales consultant and motivational sales speaker with no reservations.” Thomas A.… Continue →