Event Planners

Duane partners with meeting planners to provide the highest possible engagement with his audience by:

Attending dinners, lunches, networking sessions, and other speaker presentations, Duane weaves in key topics, words, and themes for your event.

Customizing his message to fit your audience so it’s a perfect fit.

Communicating with you in the weeks leading up to your event so he clearly understands your mission.

Providing resources and tools to make your job easier.

Being very low maintenance and easy to work with!

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What People Say


“Your ability to apply real world selling applications to the insurance marketplace was masterful.” Greg Lauria, Regional Manager, AAA Insurance

I would recommend Duane Cashin

“Duane helped us restructure our sales organization and put sales activity process in place. As a result we significantly increased our sales. I would recommend Duane Cashin as a sales consultant and motivational sales speaker with no reservations.” Thomas A.… Continue →