Sales and Sales Process Consulting

Duane Cashin works with sales organizations to review and enhance their current sales process and strategies to ensure they are in alignment with their sales and business objectives. Depending on the client’s current situation and specific objectives this work might include some or all of the following 4 components:

Sales Team Structure:

Review the current sales organization to ensure the roles and reporting structures are aligned to deliver consistent and predictable sales results.

  • Vision: Create a clear description of the desired sales culture and characteristics of the sales organization to consistently deliver the desired sales results and maintain and attract top sales producers.
  • Position Description & Responsibilities: Define the business acumen, selling skills and mental perspective required for success in the organization and industry.
  • Territory Structure & Focus: Confirm the proper market segmentation is in effect and the appropriate sales personal are assigned and responsibilities are clearly delineated.

Sales Process:

Define the sales strategies and tactics to be used for each phase of the sales process.

  • Prospecting: Ensure the profile of the ideal prospect has been created. Identify lead sources; make contact utilizing all effective methods such as telephone, email, networking, referrals, social media, centers of influence and cross selling within existing accounts.
  • Lead Qualification: Create the definition of a qualified opportunity. Overlay the profile of a qualified prospect with discovery questions to probe and identify the short list of prospects whose profile warrants being placed into the sales pipeline.
  • Tailored Proposal Creation: Through the effective use of relevant and meaningful questions uncover prospect pain and the opportunity they would like to pursue. Construct a tailored proposal that clearly links to the prospects needs and provides the value necessary to avoid discounting and maintains the desired margins.
  • Gaining Commitment – Closing: Leveraging an effective objection handling process and insightful negotiation strategies gain commitment and close the sale.
  • Managing Existing Account Relationships: Further penetrate existing accounts for the purpose of selling additional products and services, upgrading existing solutions and generating referrals.

Sales Leadership & Sales Management:

Set clear performance expectations, create a compensation plan that drives the proper behavior and utilize a reporting system that provides the required level of visibility into sales activity and performance.

  • Compensation Plan: Creating a compensation plan that focuses each sales representative on meaningful activities that are known to drive the desired sales results. Also, reviewing the compensation plan throughout the year to ensure it is keeping pace with the changing business landscape, revenue expectations and desired profit margins.
  • Understanding What to Measure: Determining what quantitative and qualitative metrics are relevant to the accomplishment of the organizations business growth objectives. Creating a “practical” tracking system to measure individual and team sales performance.
  • Pipeline Visibility & Management: Determining the key steps of the sales process and designing a pipeline model that provides visibility and clarity into the movement of qualified opportunity through the pipeline process to closure or elimination.

Sales Skills Training:

Providing continuous focus on elevating the business acumen, sales skills and mental toughness that are known to be effective in driving sales results in today’s evolving business environment.

  • Sales Tools:  Creating sales tolls to enable the sales professional to capture attention and establish credibility and trust. Tools such as opening statements, effective email and voice mail messages, objection handling formula, buyer personality style matrix and follow up process.
  • Sales Skills Training and Ongoing Support:  Strategic sales skills training modules followed-up by in-person or telephone support sessions to ensure skills development progress and provide accountability for execution.
  • Plan of Execution: The creation and implementation of specific activities with set dates for progress review and completion.

Whether you are currently lacking a formalized sales process or want to further develop the effectiveness of your existing process, give Duane a call at 860-916-7081 and explore how he can help.

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“Your ability to apply real world selling applications to the insurance marketplace was masterful.” Greg Lauria, Regional Manager, AAA Insurance

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