The Real Deal

I had the pleasure of spending two days with 100 Top Producers from a very unique company this week. I delivered one day of Sales Management training, and one day of Advanced Sales training.

The organization is Creative Financial Staffing,, an accounting and financial placement firm.

Annually CFS brings their top producers together for 3 days of learning and sharing of ideas.

I was fascinated by how deadly serious they are about maintaining and advancing their competitive advantage. They are a financially rock solid company, and for the majority of their 20 years, have experienced significant growth. Here is a short list of the observable characteristics that make them unique:

  • They have created a culture which people want to be a part of. (Their turnover rate is significantly below the industry average and this fact helps them build significant momentum.)
  • It was amazing how open the recruiters were with their ideas, concerns and suggestions in the presents of the company owner and upper management. The culture is one where you can speak your mind and not fear retribution. (Leadership is secure and comfortable in their own skin. This is rare and reaps positive long term rewards.)
  • The training consisted of two 8 hour days. We covered a significant amount of material and they could have kept on going. Their level of energy, attention, and desire to take their already high level of performance to a new level was fascinating. (This is a rare group that accepts the fact that there is a price to pay for growth and gaining an edge. In the world of reality there are no get rich quick schemes. It was obvious to me that they understand that the price to sustained success is doing the planning and strategizing that will separate them from their competition. They are clearly aware that doing what the competition is not willing to do, which includes daily prospecting, will in fact give them the edge they need to consistently win.)

I could go on but I think you get the picture.

I left this assignment with the validation that sustained success is not as mysterious as many believe. It’s a matter of having a purpose to fuel your journey, and the willingness to do the tedious stuff that matters. And, to have the resolve to do it day in and day out.

Success is within everyone’s reach, if only…


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