Mental Toughness & Confidence:

Key Ingredients in Consistent and Predictable Business Success

Available as a keynote.

Leveraging the power of your mind to gain a distinct competitive advantage.

It should come as no surprise that mental toughness is a quality sales professionals who consistently and predictably exceed their sales activity and revenue goals possess.

Mental toughness can be defined as:

  • The ability to work hard and respond resiliently to adversity and failure.
  • An inner determination that enables individuals to remain focused and stick to their long-term passions and goals.

To become a star performer, you must think like a star performer. In this thought provoking, entertaining, and high energy presentation, Duane reveals the performance philosophies, thought processes, and habits of some of the world’s greatest performers. He illustrates that there is no such thing as an “average person.” There are just people who lack the mental toughness required to avoid settling for average or mediocre results. Using real life scenarios, Duane provides practical ideas and strategies attendees can immediately begin to implement to improve their performance.

The outcome of this presentation is attendees who understand that they should be far more concerned with avoiding mediocrity than they are with avoiding failure. Failure is an integral part of success. It is the acceptance of mediocrity that’s responsible for more lack luster performances than failure will ever be. By the end of this presentation, your audience will truly comprehend how purposefully developing and strengthening their mental toughness skills will increase the distance between merely surviving, and thriving in today’s evolving business reality.


  • Learn how mental toughness can provide you with the competitive edge you desire.
  • Understand why mental toughness is a prerequisite for successful prospecting.
  • Gain insight into the psychology of peak performance.
  • Learn how to become rejection resistant.
  • Understand why and how mental toughness builds a foundation that supports long term success.
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“Your ability to apply real world selling applications to the insurance marketplace was masterful.” Greg Lauria, Regional Manager, AAA Insurance

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“Duane helped us restructure our sales organization and put sales activity process in place. As a result we significantly increased our sales. I would recommend Duane Cashin as a sales consultant and motivational sales speaker with no reservations.” Thomas A.… Continue →