Selling Value:

Price vs. Lifetime Cost

Available as a keynote, or a full day training event.

Understanding and accepting the reality that in the absence of value each and every prospect will automatically default to price.

This high impact presentation examines the components of how to skillfully and effectively sell value, while avoiding the “price trap.”

To excel in today’s evolving business reality; sales professionals must possess the skill to demonstrate value. If they don’t, they suffer the consequence of their prospect defaulting to price as their dominant decision making criterion.

Using multiple examples, Duane illustrates that the most powerful approach to building credibility is being prepared to engage in a relevant business conversation where both benefits and consequences are discussed. Professionals must be prepared to talk and leverage their knowledge of compelling business drivers while providing sound application scenarios.

Selling value requires an ability to justify, in dollars and cents, how the customer will benefit from their recommendations. Skilled sales professionals are capable of assessing the prospects current business situation and linking the products and services they offer with the accomplishment of the prospect’s goals.

The outcomes of this presentation are: an understanding of how to articulate the ways your product will meet and satisfy your prospect’s demands, how prospects define value, and what types of evidence you should use as proof that you are capable of making good on your claims.


  • Gain insight into how to help your prospect focus on value and not price.
  • Create a sense of urgency by learning how to effectively discuss the negative consequences of living with the costs associated with status quo thinking.
  • Learn how to adjust your value statement based on the personality style of your prospect.
  • Identify additional value creation questions that can be added to your portfolio.
  • Understand why 3rd party testimonials are extremely effective in building value.
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What People Say


“Your ability to apply real world selling applications to the insurance marketplace was masterful.” Greg Lauria, Regional Manager, AAA Insurance

I would recommend Duane Cashin

“Duane helped us restructure our sales organization and put sales activity process in place. As a result we significantly increased our sales. I would recommend Duane Cashin as a sales consultant and motivational sales speaker with no reservations.” Thomas A.… Continue →