How to avoid taking rejection personally

Prospecting is arguably the most important and impactful activity for any organization, yet it’s the most misunderstood.

The revenue and the profit that prospecting can generate for an organization, and for an individual sales rep, is obviously valuable and strongly desired by all of us.

Yet prospecting is the most avoided of all sales activities. And as a result is rarely done effectively or consistently.

Why is that?

The answer is simple, and we all know what the answer is, it’s because of the rejection.

Prospecting for new customers is tedious, time consuming and it requires us to talk with lots of people and organizations to find a few good clients.

Prospecting’s like dieting and exercise, the results can be phenomenal and we all want the rewards, but because prospecting brings with it constant rejection we come up with all kinds of distractions and excuses not to get it done.

Here’s the issue, rejection by itself is not the problem. It’s how we internalize the rejection that creates the feelings of discomfort, fear and avoidance.

The key to consistently getting your prospecting done and closing more sales is to accept the fact you’re going to hear no over and over again but to never take it personally. We’re all subjected to rejection. You’re not being singled out!

Truly, the key to your success in selling is learning how to avoid taking rejection personally and maintaining a consistent level of prospecting.

So how do you do that?

It’s simple really, but perhaps not easy. It requires focus and effort on your part.

The key is to be prepared, to practice what you’re going to say to your prospects and the questions you’re going to ask so it becomes second nature. Your goal is to be comfortable engaging your prospect in a conversation and not a sales pitch. This approach will build the credibility and trust you need to enable your prospect to open up and let you in.

When you’re prepared, and truly understand the business value you can bring to a customer, and you believe in your heart of hearts that your product or service and your organization are the absolute best choice for your prospects you will no longer feel personally rejected.

I guarantee it.

How can I make that guarantee?

Because it’s an irrefutable law of nature. When any person shows up truly prepared they come from a place of competence, intelligence and security. This state of mind breed’s confidence. And confidence sells products and services.

At the end of the day you can go home and look in the mirror and feel proud of the fact that you fully applied yourself. You know that you performed in a highly professional manner and you feel really good about yourself. You feel intelligent, effective and confident. This is how you build high self-esteem.

You become mentally stronger when you internalize the reality that if a prospect doesn’t want to engage with you at the time you made contact, that’s OK. You know that whatever their reason for their lack of interest at that time is not because you turned them off. It’s not about what you did or said, it’s about their situation and their state of mind.

And because you understand it’s all about them and their situation you’ll no longer take the rejection personally.

When it comes to prospecting we only take rejection personally when we know in our heart that we haven’t put in the time to prepare. And when we’re not prepared we wing it. And when we wing it we don’t connect with our prospect and as a result we don’t feel good about ourselves and we continue on the path of feeling personally rejected.

Study, learn, prepare and you’ll become unstoppable. And as a result your number of appointments and sales will increase. And, as an added bonus, you will enjoy your work because taking rejection personally will be a thing of the past.

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