Short Video Tip on Leveraging Voice Mail to Capture Attention and Build Credibility

LeveragingVoiceMailHere are basically two approaches to voice mail.

One is the view that no one listens to voice mails so why bother leaving one. With this approach you keep calling a prospect until one day they pick up.
The second is to leave voice mails with the intention of capturing attention and building credibility.
Conservatively, every month, I interview a combination of 10 decision makers in the form of company owners and executives. And I ask them if they listen to voice mails that sales people leave for them. Across the board they say “NO”!
But hold on, here’s the important part, they say they do listen to voice mails that are from “peers”, people who quickly demonstrate they have knowledge of their industry and company.
I ask if a “sales person” can be viewed as a peer. And they respond: “Absolutely, if they are prepared, cut to the chase and speak of issues or opportunities in my industry and how my company might take advantage”.
They all define a “sales person” as one who focuses on and “pitches” the features and functions of their product and company. They all define a “peer” as someone who has an understanding of business issues and can engage in an intelligent business conversation.
Click here for a short 2:00 minute where I talk a bit more about the issue of voice mail.
Here’s to Peak Sales Performance!
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