Duane Cashin’s Sales & Sales Management Training Programs are based on decades of work with organizations that have achieved Peak Sales Performance.

In today’s hyper-competitive market place it’s not enough for your sales representatives to explain your organizations competitive advantage – they must elevate their performance and BE your competitive advantage.

During his career with several Fortune 500 Companies Duane Cashin earned the reputation of having the business experience and insight to take sales organizations that were dead last in stack rankings and rebuild those teams to accomplish 130% of quota attainment within an 18 month period of time.

Duane is prepared and willing to help you realize similar or greater results.

Our 5-Point Sales Transformation System is a proven training approach which energizes and empowers your sales people and sales managers to unleash Peak Sales Performance and become your competitive advantage. Our training methods are customized, relevant, easily-understandable and applicable from day one.

  1. Our programs are tailored to dovetail with your existing sales process, company culture, industry and revenue objectives. Every organization and sales team has its own unique set of values and culture. In addition, no two organizations have the same set of objectives, and every organization is at a different point on its journey to growth.
  1. Our presenter is a seasoned business executive who has extensive “over quota achievement” selling and sales management experience.
  1. Our methodology is designed around a “case study” format. This model enables the attendees to quickly relate to the material, absorb the strategies/tactics, and supports the transition from learning to action.
  1. Our format and content delivery is designed to accommodate the 3 adult learning styles:
    • Kinesthetic: Accomplished through the use of numerous problem solving breakout sessions where attendees are able to “experience” the strategies and tactics.
    • Auditory: Achieved via listening and participating in breakout session discussions and instructor led presentation.
    • Visual: Accomplished via a well-organized and illustrated work book and Power Point presentation that is largely comprised of photographs, diagrams and infographics.
  1. Our post training follow up process provides the support and accountability participants need for successful execution of the strategies and tactics learned.

Achieving Breakthrough Sales Performance:

Mastering Prospecting, Qualifying & Closing
The outcome of this presentation is an audience that understands the rules have changed. Today’s buyers are demanding, knowledgeable, and short on patience. They expect sales professionals to possess solid business acumen, have an understanding of relevant applications, and be able to articulate value. Read more →

Selling Value:

Price vs. Lifetime Cost
The outcomes of this presentation are: an understanding of how to articulate the ways your product will meet and satisfy your prospect’s demands, how prospects define value, and what types of evidence you should use as proof that you are capable of making good on your claims. Read more →

Sales Management for Peak Performance:

Establishing a Culture that Inspires Self-Motivation, Accountability & Quota Attainment
After this session, Sales Managers will understand what it takes to lead a Sales Team to achieve and sustain new levels of performance to win in today’s evolving business reality. Read more →

People with the Power to Say “YES”:

Reaching Executive Level Decision Makers and Establishing Rapport
After this session, the audience will understand that executive level decision makers are under pressure to improve the performance of every aspect of their business. As a result, they are constantly on the lookout for insights and ideas that will support the accomplishment of their objectives. Read more →

Mental Toughness & Confidence:

Key Ingredients in Consistent and Predictable Business Success
By the end of this presentation, your audience will truly comprehend how purposefully developing and strengthening their mental toughness skills will increase the distance between merely surviving, and thriving in today’s evolving business reality. Read more →

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“Your ability to apply real world selling applications to the insurance marketplace was masterful.” Greg Lauria, Regional Manager, AAA Insurance

I would recommend Duane Cashin

“Duane helped us restructure our sales organization and put sales activity process in place. As a result we significantly increased our sales. I would recommend Duane Cashin as a sales consultant and motivational sales speaker with no reservations.” Thomas A.… Continue →